Cuba all inclusive resorts & hotel review

Holiday in a four stars hotel or five stars resort with your wife, with lots of sun, nice beach and you want lots of fishing. Overwiew of resort and hotel we have visited in Cuba. Pictures, description, commentary...

Iberostar Ensenacho

Cayo Ensenacho, Iberostar resort Iberostar entrance Iberostar lobby Better view of the lobby back side of the lobby Fountain back to lobby Buffet balcony view Buffet restaurant Buffet dinning room Another dinning room Path inside cayo ensenacho resort Near the pool Pool SPA side The pool bar interior garden Housing Royal suite living room Room balcony View of the lagoon Room & bed TV, dvd, cd, mini-frig Way to the lobby Pool & bar Pool restaurant Mégano beach Mégano near LAU channel Ensenacho beach Ensenacho beach, villas section Mégano beach snack bar Nautica center Cigar lounge Chin !
Number of stars 5 * * * * * Room service (6/10) less choice, common, wine included, especially helpfull when fishing late night.
LocalisationCayo Ensenacho (private island) near de Santa Maria Services SPA, currency exchange, internet, store, theater
Airport Santa Clara, 1H30 of bus transfert Fishing (9/10) Exclusive spot nearby the resort
Type All inclusive Nautica center (8/10) Catamaran, pedal boat, kayak, service (From 9:00 to 16:00)
Price$$$$ Ambiance (7/10) Quiet, less animation
Room (8/10) Very nice spacious room, mini bar, tv, etc. Bar/Cigar (8/10) Very well, good service, nice cigar lounge
environment (9/10) Exceptional, the only hotel on the island, beautiful gardens, beautiful swimming pools, beaches Car rental: Yes, office rental in the hotel, to reserv a car, write directly to the hotel.
Beach & sea (10/10) The two most beautiful beaches of Cuba, quiet, private, protected from the wind, crystal clear water Nearby Catamaran excursion / seadoo / deep sea fishing in Marina Las Brujas (8km)
Restaurant (6.5/10) Only five restaurants, little choice, usual food, does not reflect a five-star level, no restaurant on the beach, just a snack (hot dogs, sandwiches, drinks). Then for lunch you can choose between the restaurant near the pool or the buffet if it's open. Don't lose your reservation ticket. General comment:Very good hotel to spend a quiet vacation, no loud music ! beautiful island, the rooms are beautiful, the beaches are unbeatable, the food is against ordinary compared to the decoration and presentation. The hotel is perfectly situated for fishing. We chose this place not for food but for its location (beaches, quiet , private fishing spots) .
Facility (7/10) Easy to prepare your catch, simply talk to the "Chief" before bring back your fish. Contact: Site:

Fax :

Fishig baits (5/10) Squid or shrimp, ask a chef at the buffet Las visit June 2009

Mélia cayo Guillermo

Lobby The pool Pasarela Hemingway View from the dock Really good fishing spot Water garden Habitation Lobby Cigar shop Beach restaurant The beach Melia guillermo view Mouth near villas cojimar
Number of stars 4 * * * * Room service Not available
LocalisationCayo guillermo Services currency exchange, store
Airport Cayo Coco, 20km, 25 min. bus transfert Fishing (7/10) Beautiful places for fishing, bridges at 2km, Hotel dock for snapper & breams (Mojarra), mouth near Villas Cojimar at 1km
Type All inclusive, family, mini & baby club Nautica center (7/10) Water sports: Diving, Snorkeling and diving lessons, windsurfing, catamaran and Kayak
Price$$$ Ambiance (8.5/10) Very friendly, nice atmosphere in the lobby bar
Room (6/10) The rooms are correct but aged, mini bar, tv, furniture began to be worn Bar/Cigar (8/10) The mojitos are excellent, by against the cigar store closes too early
environment (8/10) The site is mature, well established, beautiful gardens, great atmosphere Car rental: Yes, office rental in the hotel
Beach & sea (8/10) The beach is not very wide during high tide, but long, usually very pleasant Nearby Excursion catamaran / seadoo / deep sea fishing at the marina near guillermo bridge
Restaurant (7/10) The food is OK The fried "snapper" at beach restaurant is excellent General comment Very nice hotel, spacious, clean, Beautiful landscape, well planned and enjoyable. The service was very good. The staff is friendly and smiling. The food is good, without more, we are in Cuba. For against, the rooms began to be tired, do not expect anything new. Many customers from England and Italy.
Facility (7/10)Can cook your catch at the beach restaurant or buffet, no problem Contact: melia-cayo-guillermo

Phone. (53) 33 301680
Fax : (53) 33 301685

Fishing bait (4/10) At buffet, getting squid is easy, for shrimp is more difficult Last visit may 2005

Blau colonial

Blau colonial entrance - lobby Habitation Habitation Habitation shopping corner Pool The beach The beach Beach bar & nautica center Catamarans Way to the beach
Number of stars 4 * * * * Room service n/a
Localisation Cayo Coco Services Fitness center, disco, exchange office, internet
Airport Cayo coco, 15 min. bus transfert Fishing (5/10)Catamaran fishing only, no many fishing spot near this hotel. During our stay, we rent a car and went fishing on the causeway bridges (30km), also we went out with MARLIN Fishing center at Cayo Paredon (50km), they come pick you up at your hotel. Good fishing !
Type All inclusive, family, child Nautica center (7/10) Catamaran, pedal boat, kayack, fishing
Price$$$ Ambiance (7/10) Family hotel
Room (6.5/10) Old, but clean, mini bar, tv, etc. Bar/Cigar (6/10) Just small mart, no lounge, just "havana club" rum
Environment (7/10) The hotel was built in 1993 and renovated in 2003. If you like "rustic style" is beautiful. Car rental: None, car rental at TRIP hotel
Beach & sea (5/10) Beach with many people, waves, some seaweed. Nearby Several fishing trip available (Fly, Spinning) reserve with the representative on site, otherwise you will find "Marlin fishing center" at cayo Paredon (50 km) where fishing is excellent.
Restaurant (7/10) Food was correct. Snack from the beach, nice people. In addition, the snack is open 24h00 when you want sandwiches at 6:00 AM, really helpfull (The chicken sandwiches is the best) General comment Spanish rustic style hotel, a family hotel, cool ambiance, the food was good, the staff was very nice. The nautica center bring customers fishing with catamarans. .
Facility (8/10) Cook your fish without problem. Contact:
Fishing bait (8/10) Very easy to get some squid or shrimp in buffet Last visit jan 2009